Marc Perreault, President and Founder of Landco

ln 1976, Marc Perreault graduated from University with a degree in Business and Administration. He then started a construction and renovation company. 40 years later, he and his team count more than 6000 satisfied customers.

EQUIPE LANDCO is a dynamic company. Over the years, it has built a great reliability, competence and experience record.

The strength of EQUIPE LANDCO relies in blending together a great team of workers of multi trades who comply to the company’s rigorous criterias: creativity, innovation, organization and meticulousness in the execution.

Its priority for each work in progress has only one standard: TOTAL QUALITY. The company is CERTIFIED ISO 9001-2008.

EQUIPE LANDCO manages projects on a daily basis with the help of qualified employees and one of the most sophisticated builder’s software on the market, ensuring reliability in delivering all types of projects. The company’s priorities are
competitive pricing and customer’s satisfaction.